1. All persons borrowing materials from the Library must complete a registration form. Identification will be required (drivers license, student ID or 2 documents one of which is a utility bill) A universal card will be accepted though registration is still required. Children must be included with their parents registration and the internet policy signed by the parent. Parents are responsible for any charges or loss for any member of the household under the age of 21.

2. There will be a charge of $1 charged for a lost card.

3. Patrons/Library users must present their card to check out materials.

4. There is an overall limit of 10 items (including videos) per household.

5. Adult Fiction/non-fiction, Juvenile Fiction/non-fiction, Easy books, Videos, DVDs, CDS, Magazines,etc. can be renewed 2 times – by phone or in person.

6. There are no fines for overdue materials, however, items overdue 4 days past the 2nd renewal must be returned or paid for.

7. A lost or unreturned book, a damaged book or other material will be billed. If the bill is not paid immediately the user/patron may not borrow any other items until payment is made. This inability to borrow extends to all household members. Unpaid bills will result in the user/patron being added to the computer blocked or barred for all of the North Country Library system.

8. Interlibrary Loans will be placed on behalf of a Library user/patron through NCLS or ICEPAC as long as the person is in good standing. Four active requests are permitted at one time. The loan items can be checked out for 14 days and renewed 2 times (depending on the lending libraries policy). The borrower is responsible for all overdue fees, repair or replacement costs incurred by the loan. Failure to comply will result is being blocked or barred from further use of library material.